11 Unbelievable Cats Posing like Gorgeous Male Models!

I have absolutely no idea who the photographer was who took these photo’s, or who the person was that found the pictures of the models either but they certainly got the concept right.  Enjoy. But don’t enjoy it too much!

Prefer to watch?

Just a little less conversation…

Just thinking quietly

a little more thinking, please!

I may be smoking hot…

But smoking is really bad!

I’ve got my eyes on you…

and your sandwich can be mine too!

Adorable Much

The cat appears to be praying but oh well.  Cute enough!

It’s a stretch!

We all know cats can’t ride skateboards, don’t we?

Oh Dear…!

I think this shot might very well be my favourite!  Oh dear!!

Just taking a stroll!

I am walking along, singing my song, in my pretty suit.  The black and white factor of this photo really makes it pop!

Just a little skewed…

I don’t know if the person or cat can’t wink, but it is all a bit skewed.

Just another day in front of the camera…

That’s right, we are just sitting over here posting away, just like my friends below.

And a light bit of piano playing…

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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