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Your Guide to Himalayan Kittens

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Facts about Himalayan Kittens

The Himalayan is sometimes called the Himalayan Persian or the Colorpoint Persian.

The Himalayan is the result of crossbreeding the Persian with a Siamese.

Its most notable features are its gorgeous blue eyes and color-point markings.

himalayan kittens

The Cat Fanciers Association considers the Himalayan a color variation of the Persian rather than its own breed.  However, they do get to compete in their own category.  The color was chosen due to the other Himalayan-colored animals including the Himalayan Rabbit.

Due to their Persian origins, they tend to have a round body with short legs, meaning they cannot jump as high as most other cats.

There are 2 face types for the Himalayan, one being rounded, the other peke or more pointed, as is the case with other Persian and Persian crossbreeds.

Himalayan Cat Colors

Himalayan’s have 6 different color varieties…

  • Blue point: Blue coloring is confined to the feet, eats, tail and ever-so-cute face mask.
  • Lilac Point Himalayan: Lilac is a slightly diluted but brighter version of the blue point, the body color is a brighter white.
  • Seal Point: Seal brown color on the points.
  • Chocolate Point: Chocolate brown color on the points as opposed to the darker seal brown. Body color is whiter and brighter than on a seal-point cat. One difference between the chocolate point and seal point is the color of their paw pads. The chocolate point will have pink paw pads, whereas the seal point will have dark brown paw pads.
  • Red or Flame Point: If both parent cats are definitely blue, cream or blue cream, the kitten cannot be a flame point.
  • Cream Point: Flame and cream colors can be very close. There are hot creams and light reds. Body color is whiter and brighter than on a seal point cat.
himalayan kitten 2
Chocolate Point Himalayan Kitten

Due to their Persian ancestry, the Himalayan can carry the gene that leads to Polytheistic Kidney Disease, be aware that when purchasing from a respected breeder this is unlikely to be a problem as the cats that carry the gene are spayed or neutered.

The Himalayan Temperament

The Himalayan is generally a really sweet-tempered, social cat, and because of the Siamese bloodline more active than a Persian.

Well suited to indoor life, they are gentle and calm but do have a playful side as well.  Himmies as real fans call them often are excited to play fetch with a scrap of paper or a cat toy.

They love affection and love being groomed.

Famous Himalayans

Famous Himalayan’s

Sassy from the popular movie series Homeward Bound was a Himalayan cat.

Himalayan’s are often used in film and cartoon because they are simply adorable to look at and quite easy to train.

Martha Stewart is reported to own 3 Himalayan’s, all named after composers.

Colonel Meow entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014 for having the longest fur.

himalyan kitten 5

Owners Guide

Himalayan’s have a life span of 9-15 years.

They need a good diet of high-quality cat food, as well as raw meat.  It will cost around $12 per week to feed a Himalayan.

Kittens will often set you back around $300 for a pet, if you are looking for show quality or breeding quality expect to pay a lot more.

Avoid wearing dark clothes with these, as white fur will get everywhere.

This breed is not particularly suited to young children, they are easily intimidated and sticking fingers in their long fur is a nightmare.

Long-haired cat’s need to be groomed daily to avoid matting and needing a vet appointment to groom them.

Best suited as a companion cat, these are not known for their mousing or protection abilities.

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