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21 Funny Cat Captions

It is no doubt funny cat pictures are everywhere on the internet at the moment. With this post I particularly focussed on Funny Cat Captions, the words are funny, not only the pictures.

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21 Funny Cat Captions


Alphabet soup…

Funny Cat Pictures Captions

When you are having a really intense argument with something this might be the best comeback ever.  “I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and SHIT a better argument than that.


The opposite of “If it fits, it sits.”

Most Captions Funny

I am now an airplane.  I think this particular cat forgot that it was supposed to sit in the box and decided it wanted to fly instead.


Want to become a crazy cat lady?

most viewed captions

The crazy cat lady starter kit has enough cats that you should be able to breed a complete landfill of them in  a short period of time.


Litter tray…

Litter Tray is Empty

I wonder if this is what cats think, that someone is stealing their poop?  Does that mean when they catch you they know that you are a poop thief?


Hovercat to base, hovercat to base!

Cute Cat Captions - Hover Cat

Hover cat to base, requesting purrmissions to land.  Cats and glass tables truly make the best pictures and videos.


Oxygen masks are toys…

lolcats - Oxygen Masks

In the event the cabin loses pressure, the oxygen masks will drop down and you can bat them with your paws.


Ignorance is bliss

Funny Cat Pictures with Captions

I don’t always do stupid mistakes, but when I do, I act like it never happened and lick myself.  Cats really do behave like this.  I find it rather funny.  Just recently my kitten decided to just fall off the table.


Human conspiracy

Funny Cat Pics with Captions

Don’t chase the laser Carl, it’s what the humans want.


Challenge accepted…

Funny Cat Images with Captions

When I said it couldn’t get any worse, I didn’t mean that as a challenge.


My butt in yo face…

Funny Cat Captions

I don’t always walk over you, but when I do I’m gonna show you my asshole, all of it.  When your cat does this you can always get it a cat butt cover!


Wet pussy…

Cat pictures with funny captions

Keep laughing, only wet pussy you’ve seen in weeks.


New suspect

cat caption - just keep looking cute

If I just keep looking cute, they’ll surely blame the dog.


Showers are weird

Funny Cat captions

My cat goes a little crazy when I have a shower or bath.  Almost like it thinks I will drown or something.


Lost my balls

funny cat pictures

For the last time, where are my balls?



Belly rubs?

funny cat images with captions

I wants belly rubs, but only exactly 3, then I’ll bite.


Tormenting the humans

funny cat pictures with text

Mailman jumped 15 feet.  Dog was right.  This is fun.


Deez nuts

Deez Nuts - Cat

Even the cats have got behind this craze.



Need somewhere to sit

Funny Cat Pix

Brings new meaning to sitting on someones face…or is this how cats teabag you.



Opinions hey?

Funny Cat pix with captions

This is my opinion, of your opinion.



Own a cat

Its mine - Funny Cat Meme

Finders, keepers.  It has my name, must be mine.



No more depression

Funny Memes

Does anyone’s anti-depressant pills actually work this well, there seem to be very few true success stories.


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