8 Funny Australian Cat Memes

These Australian cat memes have a distinctly Aussie tone, and I love them.  I love nothing more than making fun of myself and having a good joke.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

8 Australian Cat Memes, enjoy!

Down Under Cat

What a gorgeous little cat on a couch, sitting upside down, looks like the cat is down under.
PS. I am not insinuating there is anything wrong with Australian cats.  This one however does have me wondering…hmmm?
My best guess is that this is a Scottish Fold or a Scottish Fold Cross.

Australian wildlife slays everyone.

This really is quite true, in Australia most of the wildlife is extremely dangerous, if not deadly. We have a joke over here, that Bear Grylls calls it extreme we call it camping.  If cat’s eats birds, and spiders eat birds, does that mean the bird-eating spider could eat a cat?

Razor Blades Australian Accent Joke

When you say “rise up lights” really fast you’re saying razor blades with an Australian accent.
I’m not really sure about this one, I am an Australian and I’ve tried saying rise up lights really, really fast it doesn’t come out as razor blades but I also don’t hear accent the same as everyone else does so have some fun with this one, enjoy!

Rare species of Australian Koala Cat sighting.

The rarely seen “Koala Kitty” is related to the drop bear.  It has not been sighted in over 300 years.  Recently a scientific expodition to a local backyard uncovered the nearly extinct species.
Unfortunately neither of these things really exist in Australia…this is simply a very pretty fluffy cat stuck up a tree, thank you!

Meanwhile in Australia

“G’day from Down Under”  Australian’s don’t really talk like that.  We really only do that for the tourists or film makers.

Prime minister cat

I am not sure that if you give a cat a microphone that they are the Prime Minister of a country.  I am also not sure that if you make someone the Prime Minister that they can run a country.  Therefore, I think we should allow this cat to run Australia.
They would probably be better off with a cat for a Prime Minister anyway.

The world is a cat playing with Australia

The world is a cat and Australia is the plaything.  This is such a cute image, I just love it.  Want to see a classier cat map, check out this one on Zazzle.

World ending.

Stop worrying about the world ending today it’s already tomorrow in Australia.
I hope you enjoyed these Australian cat memes, have your own to submit?  Use the contact form to send a link to imgur.  You just might get selected.


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