7 boring Grumpy Cat Party Supplies and Decorations

Throwing a party for the grumpiest of party goers, or simply just a major grumpy cat fan?  Don’t look past these Grumpy Cat party supplies and decorations to set the seen and make even the grumpiest of parties cool!

Top 7 Grumpy Cat Party Supplies and Decorations

1 – Napkins

Grumpy Cat Napkin

Surely at a Grumpy Cat party you are serving some of the most vile treats that will need to be spat out by your guests in to one of these fabulous napkins.  Perhaps a selection of finger food would be better suited and your guests would be really grump if they had nothing to wipe their hands on.  Check these ones out at Grumpy Cat Party.


2 – Pass Out Stamp

Give your guests a visual statement that have been to your party by giving them a stamp to say they can get back in, or simply that they are old enough to drink.

Maybe you would prefer to give them a stamp on the envelope of the invitation, or just to decorate bits and bobs.  Check out the price for this one here.


3 – NO, thank you Cards

Top off the perfect Grumpy party with these, cute but awful Grumpy Cat note cards.  You could use them as a thank you card, an invitation, perhaps even put names on them and use them as place cards.


4 – Stickers

These stickers will make the perfect party favor for you to include in a loot bag, or a gift bag.  With so many stickers you could also use them to design the perfect table cloth too.


5 – Balloons

As if grumpy cat isn’t grump enough.  This balloon is 36″ making it one scary, huge balloon.  And what is a party without balloons.  This one is made from foil so sure last the test of time also.


6 – Cake Topper

Just to top off your grumpy cat party decorations, this cake topper will have your sorted.  Delicious edible and available for full size and cup cakes.  Find it here.


7 – Complete Grumpy Cat Party Supplies Pack

Really can’t be bothered shopping around?  Check out the complete pack including napkins, balloons, masks and more.  Available from Grumpy Cat Party.



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