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32 Funny Pictures of Tigers

I normally stick to pet felines but I decided to go out on a limb with these funny pictures of Tigers.  I hope you enjoy.

32 Funny Pictures of Tigers.


Too True

funny pictures of tigers

Sometimes you do realize there is nothing more you can do.  You’re screwed.


The love of a Monkey

pictures of tigers

We all need that one person we can lean on, to say we are in this together.  This Tiger found that special someone in a Monkey.


Quick Snake

tiger snake

We are all scared but things that are not real sometimes, for these little cuties that was a tail they decided was a snake.


On second thoughts…

On second thoughts

Over eating on fronted flakes has taken this stunning tiger to a whole new level of fat.  I think he might need a diet, this is my fave of the funny tiger pictures.


I told you not to bleach…

I told you not to bleach your stripes

Have you even thought bleaching seemed like a good idea… I did, it didn’t turn out so well for me or this tiger.


Me no like water buffalo…

There's no water, 32 Funny Tigers

I tried to drink a water buffalo once, I got blood and meat but no water… I wanted water in my buffalo…I want water next time.


Such a cute kiss…

It's a kiss

Mummy Tiger washing her little cub, such a cute image, the cub could fit in Mum’s mouth.


Things not to say to a Tiger…

Here kitty, kitty...

I am guessing “here kitty, kitty” is top of the list followed by “are you hungry?”.  Can you think of any others.


Drunken friends…

Funny tiger and bear picture

We all have that one friend that when they get drunk, they love everyone.  For this bear it’s that loving Tiger, not sure which of them is more dangerous.  Share this with your love struck drunken friend.\


Cream of Tiger soup…

Tiger Soup Funny

Recipe: Cream of Tiger Soup.  Add 3 Tigers, hope the water is hot enough and stir carefully.  If the water isn’t hot enough you probably have a really big problem.  Hint: it starts with 3 angry Tigers.




invisible slam dunk

An amazing shot of a tiger taking a slam dunk, I wouldn’t like to be the zoo keeper though.  Quick catch!



New release toy!

hover tigers

Hover Tigers.  I just want one.  I really don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.




Funny Tigers (14)

You’re very, very tasty.  It’s grrrreat.



Havin’ a pet tiger is a really great idea…

Funny Tigers (11)

Until it grows up into a big tiger and decides you look tasty.



Great story…


That is a really great story, please come closer to tell me more.  I won’t bite, I promise.



The Maltese Tiger…


These tigers are so rare that there are no real pictures of them.  If however you find one, can you send it to me.  This is just gorgeous.



Great Movie


Great movie, even better picture, find the crouching tiger and then the hidden dragon.  I am not sure which is scarier.





Yep, I really think you are…be careful, it is not a jungle out there.



You only live once…

Tiger hugs

So go and hug the nearest tiger.  Actually maybe not, please don’t.



Special tummy rubs…

Tummy rub tiger

Fancy seeing you here…tummy rub!



Someone is a little cocky…


Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get away from the Tiger.  Not sure it is gonna work though…



The Tiger King


“Simba you should have never been there, only where the light touches.”





Never play a practical joke on a tiger, it could blow up in your face.



Sleeping Tiger…


This is my Monday morning.



Let’s say grace…


Don’t leave your baby alone with a Tiger.



How to scare a Tiger…


Simply pop a frog on it’s nose.  It will have no idea what is going on.



I am not a genius…

8db16e1d978819eb9ab11bbad1da1350Just a tiger pulling a silly face.  You might risk bodily damage if you try though…



Instant Tiger


Just add some shadow stripes.



I am not a baby…


Stop it Mum, I am not 5 anymore.



I dare ya…


Throw another one.


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