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Maine Coon Video – Fight Compilation

Maine Coon’s are hilarious creatures, they think they are made of steel.  Check out this Maine Coon Video of them tackling some of the largest competitors.

Maine Coon Video


Video Timeline

  • 0:00 Maine Coon vs Little Rat Doggie thing.
  • 0:53 Golden Retriever vs Maine
  • 1:27 Coon vs Rottweiler
  • 2:08 Maine vs Furry Cat
  • 2:43 Maine Coon vs Jack Russell

I hope you enjoy and be aware these kitties were all simply playing and none were hurt.


Maine Coon Toy

Maine Coon Cat Lovers, you might like this.

5 Quick Maine Coon Facts

  1. Males can weigh up to 18 pounds.
  2. They are the largest domestic cat breed and are very expensive.
  3. Highly social cats, that are much like dogs in the way they like company.
  4. They tend not to meow, instead talking in cheeps and twirps.
  5. This was the first winner of a American Cat Show.

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