10 Cat Christmas Ornaments

A collection of cat Christmas ornaments, to make your Christmas purrfect.  Simply click on the image to be taken to the product listing.  Watch the video or read the post.

Cat Christmas Ornaments – The Ultimate Collection

Take the Halloween tradition across the Christmas time with this Gorgeous Black Cat Wearing a scarf to hang on your tree.


Vintage inspired calico cat Christmas tree ornament.

Does your kitty like to chase computer mice, or the real deal.  This one is for those cats that are not quite sure which is which.

Frame your own special puddy tat in this hallmark keepsake frame ornament.



This shatterproof bauble features a Maine coon, easy to personalize gift for the Maine coon lover.


Gorgeous kitty sitting in a Christmas stocking, marked for 2015.  Why not start a collection.


Perfect gift for the crazy cat lady and wine lover, this wine glass features a gorgeous Christmas scene featuring a cat.


Grumpy cat Christmas ornament.  Do you need to tell someone that their present is in the litter box.  I hope you enjoy.



Another gorgeous calico cat Christmas ornament, this little guy is wearing a Christmas scarf to finish the ensemble.


Cute little grey and white kitten is sitting in a Christmas stocking, C’mon admit it, you stuffed your kitty in a stocking to take a great Christmas picture before today as well haven’t you?


I hope you enjoyed this collection, if you did please share with your friends.

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