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21 Funny and Silly Cat Memes

21 of the best silly cat memes on the web. The cute cat memes are sure to make you go “awwww…” Enjoy.

21 Funny Cat Memes


I am sorry, I cannot brain today, I has the dumb.  Not quite sure what this little guy was thinking but it sure was good.




What LSD? You had LSD?  Where is my LSD?  Oh thats right, I already have had your LSD.  It was good.


silly cat memes 3

It certainly feels like cats do look down on you and question your intelligence.  This cat is apparently the odd one out.  Very cute.


silly cat memes 4

This poor dude has no idea what is in store for him.  Losing his little guys in a few moments.  I hope he made the most of his manhood while he still had it.


silly cat memes 5

I don’t always walk across your lap but when I do I make sure I step on your genitals.  I wonder why cat’s do this, I am not going to say they don’t because even as a girl my cat seems to manage it every time.


Silly and Cute Cat Memes


silly cat memes 6

This cute little kisser can come home my house and I will catch his kisses every time.  Isn’t it just adorable?


silly cat memes 7

Cats really do adore ribbons, but this one takes it to a whole new level.  Having a blast.


silly cat memes 8

I think I would racing to vet if my cat found my anti-depressants.  Having said that I would need to be taking some for my cat to find them.


silly cat memes 9

I really, truly, just don’t want to know if you have ever found yourself in this position.  I wanna hope they were all over 18.  But at the age of that cat I think it can do anything it likes.


silly cat memes 10

I would really like to know what cats are trying to achieve when they run like crazy around the house only to end up back where they started.


silly cat memes 11

The things people do with their cats, never ceases to amaze me, the imagination is incredible.


silly cat memes 12

As always with cats, if it fits, it sits.  This one thinks your getting something else for dinner.  And you know it too.


silly cat memes 13

Mike decided to eat a magnet, oops, I think he is in a little bit of trouble now.


silly cat memes 14

You know those new shoes you thought you had?  Not anymore, this cat has a shoe fetish, makes a good excuse to buy another pair.


silly cat memes 15

Cats and dogs, the eternal fight.  I think this one is cute enough that they will simply blame the dog.  I know I would.


silly cat memes 16

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, and got licked by the kitten who was most disappointed that it didn’t taste like bacon.  Everyone loves bacon.


silly cat memes 17

Wow, a cat doppelganger.  I didn’t know such a thing existed.  Certainly a little scary for this cute kitten.


silly cat memes 18

The bond of cats had a real charm about it, and an air of being distinguished.


silly cat memes 19

How could you resist giving in to this face.  It is so genuine.



silly cat memes 20

Which face do you use when someone wants your chips?  I am more like the lion myself.  What?  I really like crisps.


silly cat memes 21

I don’t even really know what to say about this.  Ladies… he is all yours.


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