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11 Funny Looking Cats

The top funny looking cats to entertain your day.

Prefer video?  Check this one and then one at the bottom. 🙂

Funny Looking Cats and Breeds

Total Domination

Funny Looking Animals

Dominating the scene, those glowing eyes simply look terrifying.




Funny Looking Cat Breeds

Not sure what happened here but it looks like this cat got squished at birth, don’t you think?




No Ears

11 Funny Looking Cats


Help Me, the teddy stole my ears.



I couldn’t choose my cat’s color

Which cat is which?

Since I couldn’t decide which cat I wanted, I smooshed them together and got both.



What are you?

Phantom Cat from

Are you one of those weird humans I own?  Good, good.  Now back to work!



Death is Imminent

Zombie Cat

I have no idea what this guys story is, and I am certainly too scared to ask!



Cat or Rabbit?

Rabbit Cat

I don’t know if this was a really good job in Photoshop or if it’s natural, what I can tell you is it is completely odd!



Just plain scary!

Funny Looking Cat Breeds

Cat? Monkey? Just plain scary, not even sure that I could love a face like this.




The Smiling Assassin

Psycho Smiling Cat

I think this must be the feline equivalent of the smiling assassin, has the distinct feel about it that you are soon going to pay for something.  And you will pay GOOD!




I stole your drugs and became a stupid looking cat!
Funny Cat Faces

I stole your drugs and they were really good, I am just gonna sit around with this kooky look on my face and hope no one notices.




Two-Faced Cat definitely fits the bill of weird-looking cats!

Two Faced Cat Funny Looking Cat

Yes, this cat was genetically born with 2 faces.  It has survived and is living a very healthy life.  Even though this is hard to look at I don’t even find it ugly.  Share this post if you agree!

Bonus Funny Cat Video

The * Cat Colors

Cat Colors and How they Occur


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